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Inventory Management

A complete inventory management system will give you real-time control on the stock received, stock dispatched and stock available at your warehouse. Simplify the management of multiple warehouses and bin locations. Easily track the item location, its expiry date with simple barcode tracking system. Reduce the wastage of stock with expiry date tracking and ensure you have sufficient quantities available with the re-order level alerts. The following functions are available in our inventory management solutions:

  • Item management

Easily manage multiple categories of items using the item master data. Define unit conversions and UOMs for each item along with the images.

  • Multi-Warehouse

Create and manage multiple warehouse locations. Track and manage stock transfer between warehouses.

  • Re-order levels

Set automated alters for when an item falls below the minimum quantity and set automatic purchase requests with the re-order level.

  • Price Lists

Create and manage multiple pricing for each item and assign the pricing list for each category of customers.

  • Item variants and attributes

Create multiple variants and attributes for each item

  • Pick List and Put away

Easily generate picklists using FIFO basis. Create simple rules for put away and system will generate recommendations when item is being received at the warehouse.

  • Serial Number

Automatically generate serial numbers and easily track its warranty and expiry information

  • Batch Number

Create batch numbers automatically or manual and track the items and transactions using the batch number

  • Stock adjustments and Physical Stock Verification

Periodically run the physical stock verification and set workflow approvals for the validation. Also, manually adjust quantities for any damaged or defective items.

  • Quality Inspection

This will enable the quality inspection process for all incoming and outgoing stock. Create multiple quality inspection templates depending on the items

  • Reporting

Generate all types of reports including stock balance, stock movement, items nearing expiry dates, Stock valuation, stock level reports and more

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