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ERP for Trading and Distribution companies in UAE

The UAE’s strategic location boosts its trading industry, with active import, export, and distribution activities. As competition grows, companies require ERP software to stay ahead. We offer ERP software solutions to help businesses achieve their goals in the UAE’s dynamic trading industry.

The common challenges faced by Trading and Distribution Businesses:


  • Complying with regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring the availability of stock 
  • Managing inventory 
  • Maintaining accurate records of financials
  • Ensuring timely delivery of stock to customers 
  • Track the best selling products 
  • Procuring products at best prices
ERP software for trading and distribution

Improving Trading Business Operations with ERP Software

Inventory Management

Maintaining adequate stock is key for trading businesses. ERP software will help in automating inventory management processes like storing, ordering, receiving and shipping the products. Moreover, an ERP software helps companies to retain customers by avoiding the stock outs and reducing the inventory cost by avoiding overstocking.

Supply Chain Management


The complete supply chain process can be easily managed using the ERP software. It helps in monitoring data in real-time on the levels of inventory, the schedule of deliveries, items lying in inventory for a long time and other important metrics.






Sales Management

The information related to the best selling products, top customers, conversion of leads to customers will be just a click away using an ERP software. The sales process can be automated leading to better customer service and customer retention.

Financial Management

ERP software helps trading companies in accurately tracking the amounts receivable from customers and payable to suppliers. Having real-time information of financials helps in improving the cash flow which is key for trading businesses in the UAE. Moreover, the process of invoicing and payments can be automated which in turn helps in complying with the VAT and Corporate tax requirements. 


Decision Making

Having the right information is key in making the decision by management. Having an ERP software will help management in tracking the KPIs and reports in real-time and make better informed decisions

Features of ERP Software for Trading Businesses

Sales Management

Customer data and grouping
Sales enquiries
Sales Quotation
Sales Orders
Blanket Orders
Sales partners and commissions
Sales commissions
Sales Analytics
Sales Funnel
Inactive customers
Sales Trends
Sales Target Management

Purchase Management

Supplier Data and Grouping

Material Request
Request for Quotations
Supplier Quotations
Purchase Order
Supplier part numbers
Supplier grouping
Purchase Trends
Supplier Quotation Comparison 
Supplier Price lists

Inventory Management

Item data and grouping

Item variants
Item attributes
Product bundle
Pricing rules and lists
Item alternatives
Multiple Warehouse management
Purchase Receipt (GRN)
Delivery orders
Pick list
Packing slip
Bar-code and Serial numbers
Stock ledger
Tracking of item deliveries

Accounting and Finance

Multi currency 

Multi company
Sales Invoices & Returns
Purchase Invoices & Returns
Journal Voucher
Chart of Accounts
Accounts Receivables & Payable
Sales & Purchase Register
VAT compliant
Financial Statements
Consolidated Financial Statements
Bank Reconciliation
Payment Reconciliation
Profitability analysis
Period end closing
Statement of Accounts


Woocommerce and shopify Integration
Track Sales orders
Default warehouse
Sync the Products data 
Sync the transactions
Sales Trends
Delivery Trends


Leads and Contacts
Campaign Management
Sales Funnel
Conversion of Lead to Customer
Tracking of conversion ratios

Human Resources

Employee Data
Employee Documents with expiry alerts
Shifts & Attendance
Leave Management
Training Management
Performance management
Employee Self Service Portal
Employee Onboarding
Employee skillmap
Employee Exit 


Salary Structure
Salary Slip
Payroll Processing
Temporary allowance
Temporary deductions
Employee loans
Expense Claims
Salary Register

Reports and Dashboards

Warranty Analytics
Support Analytics
Issue Analytics
Financial Reporting
Purchase Analytics
Sales Analytics
Stock Analytics
Employee Analytics
Lead Analytics
Dashboards for all modules

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