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How an ERP software helps your Business

Streamlined Business Processes
Enhanced Decision Making
Improved Supply chain management
Regulatory Compliance
Multi-Company and Multi-Currency Support
Mobile and Remote Access
Scalability and Flexibility

erp software in dubai

Modules and Functionalities


The accounting module covers all the required transactions including creation of customer, supplier master data, invoices, journal vouchers, JV scheduling, petty cash, payment and receipt vouchers, bank reconciliation, VAT transactions, financial statements and accounts reporting.


The sales module covers the complete sales process from sales inquiry till sales invoice and sales return. The standard transactions involve sales quotation, sales order, sales invoice and sales return. Various sales analytics tools available to analyze the sales transactions item wise, customer wise, territory wise and sales funnel reports.


The purchase module covers the complete purchase process from material request till purchase invoice and return. The standard transactions involve request for quotation, purchase order, purchase invoice and return. There are additional features like supplier scorecard for their evaluation on the quality, timely delivery etc., Supplier to Supplier analysis can be done for the quotations received for a particular item. Also, there are additional reports available for purchase analytics.


The inventory module comes with complete stock management including creation of items with variants and attributes, receiving of stock, delivery of stock, pick list, put away, internal transfers, quality inspection, stock adjustment, physical stock verification, internal transfers, multiple warehouses, re-order levels, serial and batch number wise tracking and inventory analytics.


The projects module comes with creation of projects, milestones with task assignment and tracking. Allocate revenue and expenses for a project to track the project profitability. The module also has project costing. Furthermore, create timesheets for each project and use the timesheets for billing the customer and for payroll purpose. Generate various reports to track the project status and profitability.


The manufacturing modules comes with the BOM, production and material planning. Create work orders, job orders, production plan and capacity planning with user friendly flow. Generate reports such as Manufacturing reports, demand driven forecasting, production planning report, work and job order summary and quality inspection reports.


Track the opportunities from leads, provide quotations and convert them to sales orders. Track the source of leads; create tasks and follow ups and assign leads to your team. Track the status of leads, opportunities, tasks and follow ups. Track the sales funnel and generate reporting for various activities.

Fixed Assets

Manage various assets using the fixed asset module. Create maintenance schedule for assets and track the maintenance log along with warranty details. Automate the depreciation process with multiple methods and also manually adjust the asset valuation. The standard transactions include purchase of asset, sale of assets, scrapping an asset, and asset adjustment. Various reports available such as Asset register, Asset depreciation ledger, Asset balances etc.,


Manage complete human resource operations from one place. Manage employee data, employee documents with expiry date alerts, employee information, employment history, employee leaves, attendance, training and performance. Let employees check their leave balance and placing multiple requests using the employee self-service portal.


Simplify payroll processing with automatic salary calculation and generation of SIF files for WPS. Automate the end of service benefits calculation as per UAE law. Automatically generate pay slips and let employee check their pay slips from their self-service portal. Manage employee settlement, employee loans and advances with scheduled deductions.

Services & Warranty

Manage SLA and warranty claims from customers. Create scheduled maintenance tasks and track the status. Log customer or internal complaints and track the status. The module can be applicable


There are standards reports available for all the modules and along with that any custom reports can also be generated as per the requirement.

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